I ❤ Skye Smartphone Photo Competition

Make the most of the photos on your trip with the I ❤ Skye photo competition, take part in the challenge and get a chance to win a prize.


Fill in the form and pay the small fee. You’ll get an email confirming your subscription.

Shoot away

Take your holiday photos with your smartphone or tablet as usual and make sure to choose the best for us!

get social

To submit send us an email with the entries, but don’t forget to share it in our social media pages.

Win a prize

That’s it, in December 2017 we will upload the selected few to our social media platforms for public vote. Check our social media or website for the winner announcement shortly after. You might have won a great prize!

Get Exhibited!

There can be only one winner, but all selected runner ups, approxiamtely twenty, will be part of an exhibition in spring next year. A great chance for stardom and selling your work. And all that for only £5 and having fun in Skye.

Take part and make the most of your trip photos!

With the Smartphone Photo Competition you can win an exclusive photography workshop with Skye-based photographer, Simon Larson and a Smartphone Camera kit! Not only that, the twenty best shots will get exhibited in a local venue.


You have successfully subscribed to the Photo Competition, thank you Matt Harrison ! You should shortly receive an email with further confirmation and instructions. Please contact us if you don't, but before don't forget to check in the junk mail 😉

Rules and Outline of the Competition

Eligibility and Entries

How do I enter?

On the website click on the page Smartphone Photo Competition. Please follow the link, then simply enter your name, email and choose the number of images you would like to submit and checkout via our PayPal gateway using your PayPal account or a Credit Card.  You do not require a PayPal account. Submission fees are £5 for one image or £15 for five images. You may purchase as many blocks of entries as you like. All fees are in GBP.

What devices are eligible for entry?

Images shot and edited on any mobile phone or tablet including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones, and the iPod touch are eligible for entry.

Can I use apps on my phone or tablet to process or edit my photos?

Yes! Absolutely. You may use any app or any combination of apps. If it’s on your phone or tablet you can use it.

Can I use my desktop or laptop to process or edit photos?

No! From a desktop computer you may compress file size, change file titles and send it to us. There should be no image alteration, cropping, adjustments, or manipulations from a desktop or laptop. We will disqualify images created with apps which access desktop software using the mobile as a remote i.e. apps such as AstroPad. We ask that the entrant keep the original photo unedited on the device it was taken as evidence of your rights to that photo.

Is there a photographic style or genre that you are looking for?

We want to showcase great images irrespective of style and genre. We hope and expect to see all genres and styles represented. All kinds are welcome!

How do I pay for entries? Is my financial information secure?

All payments go through PayPal’s secure and encrypted system. This way, we do not carry or maintain any of your financial information at any time whatsoever. If you do not have a PayPal account you can use a temporary guest PayPal account and pay by credit card.

May I enter more than once?

Yes. You may purchase more entries anytime during the submission period.

Do I have to submit all of my images at once?

You may submit your images whenever you like at anytime throughout the submission period.

Can I submit my images via mobile phone, tablet and desktop/laptop?

Yes. You may submit your images, by emailing them to heythere@iloveskye.scot, from any device.

Are there any eligibility restrictions based on my location or country?

Entry is available to all photographers, amateur and professional alike, everywhere in the world unless prohibited by local laws, so long as the photographs have been taken in Skye & Lochalsh.

The Judging and Exhibition

Who will be judging the competition?

The competition will be judged by local photographer and teacher Simon Larson. His skill and keen eye will tell the good from the average.

How does the judging work?

Once the submission period closes, our judge will review all entries anonymously (without entrants’ names), and will select a shortlist of approximately twenty images. These images will be posted in our Facebook and Instagram accounts for public vote for a period of 5 days at the end of which the combined number of votes will mark the winner of the competition.

Are judge and I Love Skye members allowed to enter images in the competition?

No judges or members of I Love Skye are eligible to enter images in the competition.

When will I know when the final images have been chosen?

We will announce the winner between December 2017 and January 2018, in our social media accounts and here, in our website.

Do I keep my copyright?

Yes, you as the ‘Artist’ will retain the copyright of all your submissions. But by submitting your photos you grant I Love Skye their usage in our materials and marketing campaigns.

How many images will be part of the show?

We envisage there will be approximately twenty photographs in the show.

What about the print sales?

All works accepted for display as part of the Smartphone Photo Competition Exhibit will be considered for sale at the exhibitions. Standard retail prices will be suggested correlating to the size of the print in the show. Prints will range in size depending on the resolution of the image.

The artist will receive 50% of profit after print/ framing costs. Payment to artist will be sent via PayPal, or check if requested, within 30 days of sale.

The Price

The lucky (and talented) winner will get a half-day photo workshop with our judge Simon Larson, a Skye-based photographer with great talent and experience. He or she will also get a Smartphone Camera kit and a bag-full of I Love Skye goodies.

Fees and Deadline 

Submission fees are in GBP currency at £5 for 1 image or £15 for 5 images. 

Deadline for entry is 30th of November 2017 at 11:59pm UK time.

Submission Guidelines

  • Entries are accepted by emailing to heythere@iloveskye.
  • Please submit your entry or entries and the original photo, if you have edited it.
  • You must state where and when you took each photo and the image title.
  • You must tell us what kind of device you took the picture with as well as the mark and model.
  • You must state your name, as it appears in the submission, and send the message from the same email you subscribed with.

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